The Benefits Of A Right Brain Leader


We all have a brain. What distinguishes exceptional people from the masses is how they use it and which parts of it they develop.

Much research has been done into the left and right hemispheres of the brain and their impact on various aspects of life. While the right hemisphere is more intuitive and emotional, the left is more logical and sequential. Although the assumption might be that the best leaders mostly utilize their left brain, in actual fact the difference between the good and the great is the extent to which they use their creative right brain.

For me, creativity is a part of my life. From enjoying craft and drawing at school to getting into sculptures and digital projects, four years ago I took my Grad certificate with this as my major.

While I (unfortunately) can’t spend my life creating sculptures out of recycled plastic, this creative side helps me to assess everyday issues that little bit differently. I find that I can empathize easier with people as I am able to put myself in their shoes. The passion for my art is not so hard to transfer to the sphere of recruiting. Recruitment is definitely an art as much as a science.

So, getting back to leaders….

Who would be more persuasive? Someone who presented you with logical arguments, or someone who explains what those arguments mean for you? Right brain leaders come up with enticing and innovative solutions, taking people on a seductive journey to a logical conclusion.

Who would be more inspiring? Someone who uses clichéd old stories to illustrate a point, or someone that touches your soul be telling personal stories about their own experiences? Right brain leaders are visionaries – they use their intuition to paint a picture of a surprising and seductive future. People can’t help but be inspired.

Who is the problem solver? The person who relies on their own perspective and experience to come up with a solution, or the person who is able to approach an issue from a different number of angles and points of view. Right brain leaders show their teams that there are other ways of approaching a problem and give them the confidence to do so themselves.

Who is the best leader for their team? The person who does business in a transactional and impersonal way, or the compassionate “people-person” who truly cares about the welfare of their team? For right brain leaders, collaboration is at the heart of their being. They see potential synergies everywhere and create a dynamic environment for their team to develop.

A good leader still has to use logic and common sense to achieve their business objectives and set an example for their teams. However, the best leaders add to this by harnessing their creative sides when they need that extra bit of inspiration and persuasion.

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