Searchlight hosts Christine Nixon lunch and launches coaching bank



We thank Christine Nixon for generously sharing her thoughts at our board room lunch about coaching and mentoring.

The 24 guests from the private, not-for-profit, government, political and religious sectors found her presentation to be, “enlightening”. There was no doubt in the room that good coaching/mentoring is essential to build high performing organisations and leaders.

The take away quote for the day was, “One of my early mentors told me that you don’t have to tread on the past to create the future!”.


Sanjib Roy introduces Christine Nixon


Lunch setting and conveniently placed Searchlight brochure


Jason Vuddamalay introduces Searchlight


Michael Holdway warms up the room

The Searchlight Coaching Bank is specifically designed to assist organisations develop their leadership teams and managers.

We believe in excellence and that it is achievable and within everyone’s grasp.

The value for stakeholders, shareholders, customers and employees is best created when the leadership of an organisation knows what to do, how to do it best and then actually does it ethically and effectively.  Accountability and confidence are central to success; it sounds easier than it actual is and therefore people need a coach or mentor to help them along their journey.

Everyone needs a trusted person to work with them so that they can reflect, learn and grow in their journey to success. We are pleased to announce that Christine Nixon, the former Chief Commissioner is now a Searchlight Coach. She is joined by disability, social justice advocate and strategy consultant Tricia Malowney, management consultant/coach/mentor David Ryan and human resource expert Jaida Nicholson. We take this opportunity to welcome them all warmly.

To find out more about Searchlight’s coaching bank visit the Coaching tab on our home page or click here.


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