How To Shine On A Shortlist

Happy young businessman and big city

Well done, you’ve got down to the last two candidates. You’ve answered all the obscure questions and your career has been dissected every which way. You’ve learnt about the role, you’ve got a feel for the culture and you may have even seen your future desk or office. You have done every sort of interview preparation known to man. Part of you is even starting to imagine yourself starting on your first day. You are emotionally hooked. You want that job. Continue reading

When leaders go bad…

Leadership and dysfunctional organisations

Reading that in the last 5 years over half of the top 200 ASX CEOs have gone is probably not all that surprising, given the fall-out from a variety of economic nasties, the GFC, the European banking crisis and the perennially strong Aussie $. Clearly boards are going to take action over those that didn’t meet the grade. Truth be told, we’ll never really know the exact context of the departures, which is a great pity, as much can be learnt from the pathology of failed leadership. Continue reading