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Jeff Kennett speaks at lunch in Launceston

jeffkennett luncheoncropped

Great hospitality at the Country Club in Launceston on a cold but beautiful day! Jeff Kennett was the headline speaker at an event hosted by the Property Council of Australia. The Hot Topic was: Council Amalgamations and it attracted a rather large audience of a very attentive group of Councillors and Local Government Administrators from across the State. Continue reading

Your Industry Is Not Your Life Sentence!


“You’ve had a great career Simon. You have a deep marketing background and have some impressive achievements on your CV. Having said this, we won’t be progressing with your application. You have only worked in FMCG, we need not-for-profit marketing experience. The two sectors are like chalk and cheese.”

Hiring managers and recruiters say this far too often. However, it doesn’t matter what the sectors are, it doesn’t matter what the pre-conceived ideas of others are, the happy reality is that people change sectors far more often than you think. Continue reading