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How to survive and thrive in a recruitment process.

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Interviews and recruitment processes can be demanding and energy sapping experiences, taking time and much effort. Knowing what’s in store and considering every element of the process you’ll be subjected to will be useful in helping you mentally prepare. As an executive, mastering these events will be key to a successful career. Remember, these are skills which can be learnt! Continue reading

Demystifying The Psychometric Test

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Psychometric tests are often the Achilles heel of many a promising candidate. When we inform them that they are part of the process, we often hear a sharp intake of breath followed closely by the words…. “What does that involve?”

The field of psychometric testing is highly specialized and as such we invited an expert – Dr Brad Dolph of RightPeople to answer a few of the most common questions that our candidates have. His responses in the text below should be of interest to a wide range of people – from interns to executives. Continue reading